• Open Rack with HDCM
  • Wall Mount
  • Air Conditioner Rack

Managing data cabling – Suitable for High-Density Cabling Purpose and also where there are constraints on space. particularly cable performance – has become critical today, as demand for bandwidth keeps escalating. With the introduction of Cat6A& Cat6 cabling, the best practice is to maintain the optimum bend radius and limit the physical impact on the cable, preventing stretching, twisting and snagging. Any cable deformation will have severe effects on the network performance.

HDCM solves these issues by forming the fundamental frame for managing and distribution of the data cabling within a data center. HDCM is a modular open frame providing outstanding all-round accessibility, mounting for 19-inch patch panels and dedicated cable channels at the front and rear on each side of the frame.


  • Available in 6", 8", and 12" widths
  • Available in 45U heights
  • Front and back cable routing paths as per EIA standards
  • Polycarbonate/ABS finger on front and rear end
  • 19" frame with pre-tapped holes with 'U' marking for easy equipment installation
  • The doors are provided with two way operated locking mechanism, which ensure the door opening on both ways
  • No necessary to remove the doors from the cabinet while cabling

We are offering a versatile range of Wall Mount enclosures to suit small secured network requirements. Wall Mounts are the ideal solution in areas where floor space is a limitation. Typical networking equipment’s such as routers, switches, patch panels, etc. are well suited for these mounting arrangements.


    Flexibox: Single Section:-
  • Bolted construction
  • Top and bottom cable entry provision
  • Load carrying capacity of up to 40 Kg
  • Lockable tinted front glass door
  • Recessible 19" mounting angles at front
  • Easy assembly
  • Available in fully knocked-down, ready-to-assemble kits
  • Sizes – 6U, 9U, 12U & 15U
  • Depths - 500mm & 600mm
    Easibox: Double section:-
  • Tough frame fixable to wall
  • Rear wall-mounted section hinged to the front section
  • Load rating of up to 20 Kg
  • Lockable tinted front glass door
  • Recessible 19" mounting angles at front
  • Sizes – 6U, 9U, 12U & 15U
  • Depths - 500mm & 600mm

AC Rack with side panel mounting: Protects against Heat, Dust and Humidity for trouble free performance of your vital and expensive electronic equipment. It has independent cooling solution at Rack level itself. It has inbuilt air conditioner mounted on side panel of the Rack.

  • Size: 15U ,24U, 36U and 42U
  • Cooling Capacity: 600watts, 1.0KW, 1.5KW, 2.0KW, 3.5KW.
  • IP Protection: IP54

Benefits and Features:-

  • Stand-alone unit:- It's a stand-alone air-conditioner which requires no site wiring or piping. With direct power supply of 230 VAC, it's easy for anybody to install and use
  • High static Backward curved fan:- Back curved fan is designed to deliver better air flow with high static. These fans can handle high temperature and best suitable for 24 x 7 kind of application
  • High efficiency Rotary compressor:- Use Rotary compressor for silent and high Energy Efficient Ratio
  • Suitable to fit on side panel of Rack :- AC can directly be mounted on side panel of the rack and occupies "0"U height. So complete 42U usable space available for equipment mounting.
  • High static condenser fan (backward curved) :- Condenser fan in a normal AC is mostly axial fan. We have used a high static fan to facilitate unit working almost same efficiency even at adverse conditions like dust accumulation.
  • Microprocessor controller with digital display:- A programmable microprocessor is used to set desired temperature and set some basic functions like compressor delay, differential etc. as required
  • Potential free contact for High temperature alarm:- Failure alarm can be extended in the form of potential free contact or a buzzer for any abnormalities like High temperature, Gas leak etc.
    • AC does not need any maintenance except the periodic cleaning of Condenser filter. This filter is air washable. Frequency of cleaning depends on the amount of dust present in the atmosphere.

AC Rack Application: -

  • CNC Machine Tools, Drive Panels, PLC Panels, Instrument Panels
  • Networking & Telecom Equipment’s
  • Medical Electronic Equipment
  • Process Control Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Gas Analyzer Equipment
  • Crane/Material Handling Equipment
  • Any Panel housing sensitive electronic components

Prerequisite for Installation: -

  • The site for the AC Rack should be suitably selected to ensure the good ventilation, i.e. to take care of hot air exhaust from AC
  • Appropriate power supply is available
  • Proper drain point is available to connect condensate outlet from AC.