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NetShelter is a multi-functional rack enclosure designed to meet current IT market trends and applications ranging from high density computing and networking to broadcast and audio-video. With a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring, the NetShelter enclosure provides a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment.


  • Compatibility with EIA-310 19" Equipment
  • Overhead cable troughs and partitions install toollessly on the roof of the enclosure eliminating the need for ceiling mounted or underfloor mounted cable trays.
  • APC InfraStruXure Products Integration
  • Perforated front and Split rear doors improve access and serviceability to rear of rack-mounted equipment
  • Half-height, quick-release side panels provide simple handling access to equipment
  • Integrated and adjustable rear channel offers zero U mounting locations for tool less accessories
  • Every channel has two mounting bays to support a combination of up to four accessories such as PDUs and vertical cable organizers.
  • Split rear doors improve access and serviceability to rear of rack-mounted equipment
  • Only 11 inches (279 mm) of clearance required for split rear doors swing, maximizing floor space
  • Enclosures include pre-installed joining hardware to join enclosures in a row and provide additional stability
  • A strong frame design, heavy-gauge mounting rails, and heavy-duty casters provide 3000 lb (1364 kg) static and 2250 lb (1023 kg) dynamic load ratings
  • The roof, side panels, front and rear doors are grounded to the frame of the enclosure

CYBERack is high on fine styling and value-for-money features. It has been designed and engineered specifically for easy assembly and rapid equipment integration at site. Its innovative design is based on the use of aluminum profiles for the four vertical pillars, which are connected solidly to two welded steel end-frames. This results not only in low weight and an elegant appearance, but also permits quick assembly. Due to the rigidity provided by the steel end-frames, the CYBERack is able to handle equipment loads of up to 850kg. This makes it an ideal choice for mid-range use as a server enclosure, or for network cabling purposes. The facility to transport and stock in fully knocked-down ready-to-assemble kits make the CYBERack best suited for easy distribution and System Integration use.

Closed cabinet offers enhanced security to front and back as well as the sides of the cabinet. A closed rack is available in 600 and 800 width for Networking. The design should be 800 mm wide, with closed reducing cable channel to route the cables.


  • Conforms to DIN 41494
  • Load rating of 850 kg
  • Available in fully knocked-down, ready-to-assemble kits
  • Steel Doors – plain, vented at bottom, fully perforated and dual perforated
  • Glass Doors – with optional vented side trims for front-to-back air flow
  • Choice of powder coat shades
  • Sizes- 24U, 36U, 42U, & 45U
  • Widths- 600 mm & 800mm
  • Depths- 800mm, 1000mm, & 1,200mm
  • The racks comprise a framework made from aluminum extrusions and steel sheets

UNISERV DLX has been designed to cater to the widely differing needs of servers and networking equipment from major equipment suppliers. The versatile mounting arrangements provided greatly extend the facilities for housing all types of rack-mount equipment along with various structured cabling components, while also fulfilling thermal management needs.

The UNISERV DLX combines a highly attractive appearance with robust construction which make these cabinets less susceptible to damage during transportation. The frame is made of heavy-grade aluminum profiles designed to accept front and rear doors which close within the frame itself.


  • Aesthetically appealing designs for data center or office environments
  • Front door – tinted glass or fully perforated steel
  • Rear steel door – single or dual, fully perforated
  • Vented top cover with cable entry provision
  • Fully recessible 19″ mounting angles at front and rear
  • Rear 19″ mounting angles supplied as split pairs for easy adjustments of different equipment
  • Side panels with slam latches and indents for improved strength and aesthetics
  • Load rating 1,000 kg
  • The racks comprise a framework made from Heavy grid aluminum extrusions & steel sheets
  • Sizes- 42U, & 45U
  • Widths- 600 mm & 800mm
  • Depths- 1000mm, & 1,200mm

The Smart Rack is an innovative enclosure solution designed for small-and-medium segment customers and branch offices. Keeping in view the need for economical packaging, it can accommodate any standard 19" equipment. Made completely of high-quality steel, with appealing aesthetics, Smart Rack can be supplied in completely knocked-down condition (CKD) and can be easily assembled at site.

A smart choice today that will stand you in good stead tomorrow.


  • Conforms to DIN 41494 and EIA 310 standards
  • Attractive styling to match office environments
  • Supplied in Completely Knocked Down (CKD) kit form
  • Perforated front and rear door
  • Top and bottom cover with cable entry provision
  • Fully recessible 19" equipment mounting angle
  • Ventilated top and bottom covers
  • Detachable side panels with slam latches for easy access
  • Load rating 500 kg
  • Sizes- 42U
  • Widths- 600 mm & 800mm
  • Depths- 800mm & 1000mm
  • Colour shade in Black

The Table Rack series is designed for table-top and floor standing use. This 19″ enclosure is similar to the Wall Mount Units, but has a front and rear door. It is meant for use either on the table top (with feet) or under the table (with castors). It accepts all equipment conforming to 19″ rack mounting specifications.

The Table Rack is ideal for use by small businesses, self-employed professionals such as doctors, lawyers, tax consultants, estate agents and others who require to secure their information database and equipment. They are also well suited for use in educational institutions such as schools, colleges, R & D establishments, nursing homes, retail outlets and other small business establishments.


  • Tough exterior framework
  • Vented front glass door
  • Vented rear steel door
  • Recessible 19" angles
  • Suitable for standard 19" accessories
  • Load rating 100 kg
  • Gland plated top cover and single fan cut-out
  • Sizes- 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U & 18U
  • Widths- 600 mm
  • Depths- 800mm & 1000mm

Rack Accessories: A wide range of highly engineered accessories catering from shelf to cable management to suit specific application needs.

Shelve Trays & Angles

  • Stationary Shelves
  • Sliding Shelves
  • Cantilever Shelves
  • Rotary Keyboard
  • Support Angles

Electrical Items

  • Fan Trays
  • Fan Housing Unit
  • Cooling Fans
  • Fan Tray for Door Mounting
  • Earthing Bar
  • Earthing Kit

Cable Management Accessories

  • Horizontal Cable Manager
Sr. No. Part Coad Description
1 70-1U85-ABS Cable Manager 1U Closed Hinged Type
2 70-2U85-ABS Cable Manger 2U Closed Hinged Type


  • Captive Mounting Hardware
  • Blank Panels
  • Castors
  • Base Frame
  • Coupling Hardware Kits

Electronic Accessories

  • Monitored Fan Tray
  • Alphanumeric Display Unit
  • Keypad Digital Lock
  • Electronic Locking System