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Precision Air-conditioning means simultaneous and precise control of temperature, humidity, air-movement, cleanliness, dust in a particular area as per the requirement of critical and sensitive areas, such as Data Centre , Server Room , Control Rooms, , Telecom Switch Rooms, and many more.


Important features of Precision Air-conditioning:

  • Design Conditions: Comfort air-conditioning is set at 27C in winter and 16C in summer. This is far too wide range for critical equipments, which require a stable temperature of 22C and humidity of 50% RH.
  • Sensible Heat Ratio: This is the amount of Sensible Cooling as per cent of total cooling, which is 65 – 70% in case of comfort cooling. Whereas equipment rooms require a ratio of 90 – 95%. This means a comfort air-conditioner of 10TR capacity, and Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR) of 0.7 will deliver a Sensible Cooling Capacity of 7TR only. Whereas a Precision A.C. with SHR of 0.95 will deliver a Sensible Cooling Capacity of 9.5TR, for the same installed capacity.
  • Load Density: Office buildings, where the total load results from outside air and several people emitting latent heat are designed for 10-12 KCal-Hr per sq. foot. Equipment rooms average 30-60 KCal-Hr per sq.foot, which is 3-5 times higher than comfort cooling.
  • Air Quantity: Comfort systems deliver 350-400 CFM per TR. cooling capacity. But equipment loads require more air movement, between 500-600 CFM per TR. Better Air movement means faster heat transfer from the critical electronic equipment and better ambient conditions for the components.
  • Working Hours: Precision AC is designed for non-stop performance, 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year.
  • Energy Savings: Due to the high Sensible heat factor, combined with Microprocessor controller optimizing the modes of operation results in high levels of energy savings, which becomes very important since these systems work for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Better Redundancy: Precision ACs provide for built in redundancy for non-stop critical operation.
  • Remote Monitoring: Control systems of Precision ACs provide distant monitoring and proactive measures.

Uniflair Precision air conditioning units are available in following ratings.

  • Amico – 3KW – 20KW
  • Leonardo – 20W – 65KW
  • Leonardo – Max Series: 65KW – 140KW

The above are available in following versions.

  • Air- or water-cooled direct expansion versions (DX)
  • Chilled water versions (CW).
  • Twin cool versions (TC), characterized by a chilled water section and a water- or air-cooled, refrigerant fluid direct expansion section.
  • Unisplit air conditioner available from 2TR to 4TR